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Hugr ok Munr

The History and Biography of the self-proclaimed King of the Troglodytes

William Jahncke
28 June 1983
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How to describe oneself? Really, it is a serious dilemma, not just some trumped-up rhetorical question. Identity is a tricky, many-masked beast. Saying that I dislike the costume of giving flowers to a love interest might tell you as much or more, depending upon the person being told, the situation, the context, what you want to know, etc., as saying I was born on such and such a date, in such and such a place, to such and such father and mother, etc.

However, some basic, conventional facts can be useful.

As of the writing of this (April 9th, 2006) I am:
Twenty-two years old, born and bred in Western Washington, in the greater Seattle area (Mercer Island to be specific).
Roughly 5'8 or 5'9, circa 160 pounds, dirty-ish blond hair, blue eyes, and possessing a frame I like to think of as 'stocky' but which is probably too thin to really qualify. My head hair is perpetually long and from time to time I let the whiskers go wild (i.e. grow a beard). I have mighty powers of facial hair growing. People often think I have Scandinavian ancestry (and they are mostly wrong - more German and Cornish). (Here, try a picture.)
I am introspective and introverted. When I do bring myself to interact with people I tend to get over-excited about my ideas and ramble incessantly.
I am a student (in my third year after taking a year off to be, essentially, a glorified bum) at Stanford University in Palo Alto, officially studying medieval literature (highly practical, neh?) but unofficial a thousand other things.
I have no idea what I want to do with myself. And by 'no idea' I really mean 'no concrete, clearly practical idea', because I really have a thousand incomplete, implausible ideas. I ramble about them from time to time. That is one of the purposes of this journal.

Some less conventional facts:
I love the rain and hate hot weather.
I am unapologetically Euro-centric in my interests.
I like roleplaying games and strategy board games.
I play clarinet in the LSJUMB despite the fact that the clarinet is really a horrible marching band instrument.
I am one of the most politically conservative people I know, but when I say 'conservative' it seems like I mean something entirely different than what most people mean when they use the term 90% of the time these days.
I have twice gone to Burning Man (despite the heat) and plan on going again.
I am very drawn to Christianity, but lack actual faith.
I am mildly obsessed with narrative and story-telling in whatever medium it exists: music, poetry, novels, mythology, history, orally.

Many and more things could be said about me, and probably will be. For now, this should do.

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